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Each day you are with us we offer a full schedule of fitness classes suitable for all fitness levels. While on retreat please be as active or relaxed, social or private as you wish – be open to what your body needs once you reach us. We know, sometimes sleeping in or hanging by the pool is TRUE WELLNESS! Our exact timelines will flex with the group at hand, the weather, location and what is available seasonally for us to get into.


Wherever we are on retreat, rest assured that we have not only an amazing team on site to take care of you, but a curated team of locals that have secret spots hand picked just for us too! Let us do the planning, the navigating while you just pick and choose what sounds amazing! Only some of our hidden treasures include: • Locals only hiking & breathtaking vistas through VT’s Fall foliage • Sunrise at the top of Killington or Haleakala • Maple syrup tapping • CBD farm tours • Glass blowing tours at Simon Pierce • Foraging for wild mushrooms & coconuts • Whale watching off the shores of Maui • Volcano hikes • Wild horseback rides • Paddleboarding • Surfing • Sweat lodges • Bioluminescent bay kayaking off the south side of Puerto Rico’s Mosquito bay.


"Best thing I did was try this studio over 5 years ago. I had never done yoga and I was hooked from the first day! The teachers are amazing and the environment is friendly and warm! Definitely give it a try. What do you have to loose? Nothing - you have everything to gain!" 


Rutland, VT

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While on retreat we recognize the critical role movement has on our entire wellbeing. It releases endorphins and helps relieve stress. Allows us to take a break from everyday challenges, responsibilities and simply remember our breath. Movement helps emotions move through our bodies so once again we can think and act and plan rationally - clear what has been stored Traditionally we offer two movement classes per day on retreat, and while in Vermont, we also have access to our home base True Yoga Vermont’ s full schedule to boot! We offer a variety of Hot Yoga, Baptiste Power Flow, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Mat Pilates, Inferno Hot Pilates and Pilates with bands - naturally flexing with the group at hand and what our bodies are asking for as we move through our vacation! All classes are offered and available to everyone - participation is 100% optional. ;)


While on retreat we like to bring in an element of meditation to our day - and typically it is scheduled at the beginning of each day, perhaps with the sunset or a few minutes after our morning practice. It is the best way to ground down into the experience of being present, leave the stress of daily life behind and fully absorb all the daily goodness that is about to begin! Meditation can give you a sense of calm, peace and balance that can benefit both your emotional well-being and your overall health. You can also use it to relax and cope with stress by refocusing your attention on something calming. Meditation can help you learn to stay centered and keep inner peace which otherwise can get lost in daily life. The emotional and physical benefits of meditation can include: • Gaining a new perspective on stressful situations • Building skills to manage your stress • Increasing self-awareness • Focusing on the present • Reducing negative emotions • Increasing imagination and creativity • Increasing patience and tolerance • Lowering resting heart rate • Lowering resting blood pressure • Improving sleep quality • No experience is necessary to join meditation sessions - participation optional

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