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Situated in the most breathtaking locations, experience comfortable luxury, mouth watering plant based nutrition & dive into a full schedule of movement, mindfulness & hand curated off site excursions. Tap into a community that feels like family & see yourself return home free from stress, disease & needless pain. Feel alive! & back on track with the life you were meant to be living!



“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food” - Hippocrates All True North Retreats offer a unique opportunity to nourish your body and soul through every meal. Our several day, mouth watering, plant based immersion, will leave you feeling vibrant and inspired to take action. An opportunity for us to care for you on another level, all meals are handcrafted, anti-inflammatory and packed with nutrition, so when you return home we know you will feel amazing! All ingredients are locally sourced, plant based, well balanced & nutrient rich - hand picked from our own gardens that morning. Get excited for this handcrafted culinary experience. Uplevel your energy every second while you are with us through the delicious dishes we create, classes we offer & get ready to discover a whole new world of flavor, nourishment and energy you never knew existed before. Yes that means incredible breakfast thru dessert we've got you covered!


Join us for adventure, wellness, meet new friends, begin a weight loss journey or simply check in and feel it out when you get here - but know, you will walk away with more positivity and inspiration than you could ever have hoped for. Laugh, learn, move, and then laugh some more, Liz Patnode, the True North dedicated staff and existing community are here to encourage, support, and excited to meet you! We have such a good time that returning guests make up 50% or more of each new adventure in an ever growing incredible global community. We like to say “Never say goodbye... just see you next time!!” same trip or different experience, we are forever connected through combined positivity!


Each day you are with us we offer a full schedule of fitness classes suitable for all fitness levels. While on retreat please be as active or relaxed, social or private as you wish – be open to what your body needs once you reach us. We know, sometimes sleeping in or hanging by the pool is TRUE WELLNESS! Our exact timelines will flex with the group at hand, the weather, location and what is available seasonally for us to get into.



Wherever you join us - in the breathtaking landscape of Vermont’s Green Mountains, on the shores of Maui Hawaii or the unique island of Puerto Rico, our private compounds have the comfortable luxury you crave, as well as everything you may need to relax, renew and rediscover how it is to feel the way you want to; Amazingly you. With the hustle of life, we know, you may not really know what your body and mind need until you arrive. Always we will have an incredible schedule of things to do - and space to simply do nothing too. Everything is optional - check in and listen, allow us to take care of you!


I feel so grounded. Calm. This week in Vermont has been incredible. Thank you and your staff for everything, for holding space for us to have such an incredible time. See you again in Hawaii this February!

A.B. – VT Retreat Guest

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  • Three plant-based, power-packed meals & fresh pressed juice daily

  • Yoga classes (heated for Bikram or Hot flow classes)

  • Complementary mats, yoga towels, water bottles

  • Guided meditation daily

  • Healthy life classes & events

  • Personal discovery activities

  • Complementary toiletries, & hair dryer

  • Guided group hikes

  • Spacious, air-conditioned, newly updated accommodations w/private bath (private or share)

  • All Hotel amenities & services

  • Access to the best information on local hangouts and places to go, what to do outside of our planned schedule

  • Daily plant based meals & fresh beverages

  • Daily yoga sessions {heated & non heated}

  • Daily fitness sessions {heated & non heated]

  • Daily meditation sessions

  • Complementary yoga mats & towels

  • Healthy life classes & nutrition information

  • All location amenities (varies by location)  

  • Spacious, comfortable, luxurious accommodations (private, share & group options) 

  • Access to hand curated off site optional excursions

  • Insider tips on local hangouts & places to go/things to do outside our planned schedule

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